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Training in health management is how the Gaspar Casal Foundation began, and the Foundation is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The GCF’s Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Management of Health Services (MADS) has a solid and renowned reputation, and is currently celebrating its 28th year. The program’s long experience as an established, distinguished Master’s degree, coupled with the excellence of its teaching staff - eminent academics with top publications in their fields - and the enormous satisfaction of its more than 1000 participants are its tributes.

The Master’s degree is conferred under the auspices of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), a leader in the fields of public policy, health management and health economics. The UPF leads in rankings of Spanish universities. These include both national rankings, carried out by BBVA bank and the Valencia Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), as well as international rankings, such as the U-Multirank and the Times Higher Education ranking. In fact, U-Multirank, which is funded by the European commission, and includes 1300 universities and institutions of higher learning from 90 countries, considers the UPF as the most influential research institution in Spain. The Times Higher Education Ranking 2015, one of the world’s most prestigious rankings, gathering information on 150 institutions with less than 50 years of experience, includes the UPF as the 15th best young university in the world, the 11th in Europe and the 2nd in Spain.

The Master’s degree program consists of providing future leaders in health with the necessary content and tools for solving today’s complex problems, incorporating and analyzing new models of health management. Clinical management is the interface between clinical and management know-how, necessary for confronting current health challenges. The skills learned through the program have enabled many alumni to occupy and succeed in positions of great responsibility both nationally and internationally. Alumni include top hospital administrators, medical directors, regional health advisors, and Ministers of Health. A few testimonies are as follows:

“Throughout my professional career as a surgeon, I realized that management was an area of enormous potential for innovation to help sustain our health system. MADS, in addition to providing a comprehensive, pluralistic and open understanding of innovation in management, provided me with a holistic view of our health system. Thanks to MADS, my professional relationships and intellectual curiosities have been expanded. Without a doubt, MADS has advanced my personal and professional development, enabling me to take on the responsibilities that I now have as General Director of Integrated Care in Ciudad Real.”

Dr. Alberto Jara Sánchez
General Director
Area of Integrated Care, Ciudad Real
Alumnus MADS24

"I have wonderful memories of my attendance at the MADS (24th Edition) program. I would highlight that it allowed me to obtain additional skills, providing me with a more holistic view of our health system and a greater understanding of the importance of each and every one of our decisions.In addition, it made me realize that Clinical Management is not only a thing for executives but that we, as clinicians, carry it out in our daily work, every time we decide to admit a patient or give a prescription. Undoubtedly, I am now a more complete doctor. Plus, the program allowed me to meet excellent professionals (students and teachers) all of whom I am still in contact with."

Dra. María Teulón González
Responsible Obstetrics Section
University Hospital Fuenlabrada, Madrid

“MADS provides an integral view of all components related to health management and leadership. On a professional level, thanks to the breadth of skills that I have acquired, I was promoted in my job as a result of the program. On a personal level, the program has helped me build an extensive network of contacts with key professionals in the sector, on top of the friendships I have developed with many of them."

Dr. Sergio Vañó Galván
Dermatology Service
Ramón y Cajal Hospital of Madrid
Alumnus MADS19

“MADS covers a need that all health professionals should have. Understanding the inevitable and necessary relationship between health and management absolutely improves our capacity as health professionals.”

Dr. Guillermo Reyes Copa
Cardiovascular service
University Hospital la Princesa of Madrid
Alumnus MADS19

“In the current economic and social context in which our health system operates, the reality is complex. As a result, decision making not only requires managerial tools, but also skills linked to conflict resolution, communication, and a vision with perspective, knowledge, and creativity. MADS combines the necessary managerial tools (hardware) with our capacity to reflect on what we have learned (software).”

Dr. Jordi Colomer Mascaró
MADS Professor

GCF also offices a university post graduate degree in Clinical Management, which is in its sixth year. In addition, a degree in the Evaluation of Healthcare Technology began to be offered three years ago. The Foundation also provides personalized in-company training both for high-level managers and health specialists. These cover timely themes and include top keynote speakers.

Finally, to meet demand regarding specific knowledge and skills, GCF offers training 100% online in the following areas:

  • Decision Making
  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Applied Statistics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Health Law
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