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Core Staff
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Detalle de la oficinaSince it was founded in 1997, the aim of the Foundation has been to contribute to improvements in health, always keeping in mind those at the center of the equation: patients and health professionals. GCF began by offering training programs and later expanded its focus to include publications, research projects, scientific meetings and gatherings, and analyses of current and future challenges in the health sector. The Foundation has paved its way through close ties with health authorities, its partners, and public and private organizations and institutions, which have marked its past and continue marking its current work. The historic role of Dr. Cesar Navarro de Francisco as the Foundation’s first President merits special mention. Thanks to his knowledge, experience and vision regarding GCF, in close collaboration with Dr. Juan E. del Llano Señarís, Director, the Foundation has developed and solidified its comparative advantage: its wide network of expert collaborators in a multitude of fields that provides active involvement and professionalism in all areas of the Foundation’s work. This path has been followed with great success by Dr. Jesús Millán Núñez-Cortés, from 2007 to the present.

GCF altruistically donates 0.5% of its income to charitable causes. In 2016, entities receiving such donations include:

  • Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Educational Center “Padre Piquer” in Madrid
  • Community kitchen “María Inmaculada” managed by “Las Hijas de la Caridad” (the Daughters of Charity) under St. Vincent de Paul´s Integral Program
  • Oxfam International, for the crisis in South Sudan

The Foundation was named after Gaspar Casal, who is largely considered to be the “first Spanish epidemiologist." In the eighteenth century, he made a large contribution to medicine thanks to observing and documenting information. This way of thinking led him to deduce that a nutritional deficiency was the cause of pellagra, which he defined as Mal de la Rosa. In a book that Casal wrote in the 1760s, he described pellagra’s signs and symptoms, and proposed treatment and recovery through dietary modifications.

As stated by Professor Francisco Garcia-Valdecasas:

"Gaspar Casal’s clarity of thought and his independence, particularly in light of the prejudices that existed at that time, cannot be found in any other author, not even for the next 100 years, making him one of the most significant men of his time ".

The Gaspar Casal Foundation is proud to embody this legacy: both vision and impartiality have formed an integral part of GCF since its inception.

Core Staff

Juan del Llano Señarís, Director

Ph.D. in Medicine, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. M.Sc. Community Health, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh.

Gema Pi Corrales, Institutional Relations and Scientific Dissemination

University degree in Pharmacy, Complutense University of Madrid. Master´s degree in Clinical Analysis, Complutense University of Madrid. Master´s degree in Administration and Management of Educational Centers, Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid.

Joaquim Camprubi García, Training

University degree in Medicine and Surgery, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Alberto Oteo Pérez, Training

University degree in Psychology. Master´s degree in Healthcare Administration and Management, University Pompeu Fabra. Master´s degree in Addictions. Doctoral degree in Criminology, University of Amsterdam.

Jordi Gol Monserrat, Research

University degree in Economics with a speciality in economic analysis, Complutense University of Madrid. Master´s Programme in Decision Support and Risk Analysis, University of Stockholm.

Estíbaliz Simón Gutiérrez, Information Systems

University degree in information systems, University of Alcalá de Henares. Master’s degree in Management of Information System Projects, University of Alcalá de Henares.

Dévora Fernández Rodriguez, Operations Management

University degree in Law, Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.




Francisco Javier Rivas Flores, Head of the Patient Management Unit, Fuenlabrada University Hospital, Madrid

Clinical Management

Miguel Arjona Torres, Professor of Strategy, ICADE-University of Comillas.

Jordi Colomer i Mascaró, General Surgeon, Viladecans Hospital.

Modesto Martínez Pillado, Quality of Care Unit, Pontevedra University Hospital.

Justo Montero Vera, President and Founder of ANPER. President of TAU Solar. CEO of Energinter.

Miguel Javier Rodríguez Gómez, Medical Inspector, Cantabria Health Service. Director of Gijón Health Area.


Martín Caicoya Gómez-Morán, Head of Preventive Services, Principality of Asturias.

Carlos Campillo Artero, Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Consultant World Health Organization.

George Davey Smith, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Social Medicine Department, University of Bristol.

Health Communication and Marketing

José González Núñez, Partner and Director of Kos, Scientific Communication and Society.

Javier López Iglesias, Director of the journal Voices (‘Voces’). Adjunct Director of the web ‘hoyesarte.com’.

Antonio Porras Sánchez, Professor of Direct and Digital Marketing, Pompeu Fabra University.

Health Economics

Alvaro Hidalgo Vega, Director of the seminar on ‘Economics and Health’, Castilla-La Mancha University.

Guillem López i Casasnovas, Full Professor of Applied Economics, Pompeu Fabra University.

Vicente Ortún Rubio, Dean of the School of Economics and Business, Pompeu Fabra University.

Jaume Puig Junoy, Director of the International Masters in Health Economics and Pharmaeconomics, Pompeu Fabra University.

Joan Rovira Forns, Emeritus Professor of Department of Economic Theory, Barcelona University.

Rosa Urbanos Garrido, Professor of Applied Economics, School of Economics and Business, Complutense University of Madrid.

International Relations

Francisco Molera Aparicio, Former Principal Administrator, Area of External Relations, European Commission, Brussels.

Knowledge Management

José Luis García López, Medical Director, Merck España.

Jesús Lopez Arrieta, Coordinator of Geriatrics and Head of the Memory Unit, Cantoblanco Hospital. Reviewer Cochrane Collaboration. Associate Editor of the Spanish edition of ‘Evidence Based Medicine’.

Luís Quecedo Gutiérrez, Anesthesia Service, La Princesa Hospital of Madrid.

Management of Healthcare Quality

Susana Lorenzo Martínez, Head of Quality Unit and Coordinator of Admissions and Patient Care Services, Alcorcón University Hospital and Foundation. Director of the Journal “Quality Care”.

Dolors Monteserrat Capella, Head of Admissions, Puerta de Hierro Clinic of Madrid. Researcher World Health Organization, Washington.

Medical sociology

Melanie Bartley, Professor of Medical Sociology, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College Medical School, London.

David Blane, Senior Lecturer in Sociology Applied to Medicine, Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School, University of London.

Public Health

Jordi Gol Freixa, Director of Programs, Agency of Healthcare Technology Assessment, Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII). Founder and first President of the Spanish Association on Healthcare Technology Assessment in 1993.

Beatriz González López-Valcárcel, Professor of Applied Economics, Department of Quantitative Methods, School of Economics and Business, University of las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo, Professor and Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Medical School, Autonomous University of Madrid.

Research and Innovation in Health Services

Juan Bigorra Llosas, Director of Innovation, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. Associate Professor of Experimental and Health Sciences, Pompeu Fabra University

Ricard Meneu de Guillerna, Vicepresident of the Board of the Foundation Institute of Health Services Research. Editor-in-Chief of Clinical and Health Management (‘Gestión Clínica y Sanitaria’)

Josep Monterde Junyent, Chairman, Asserta Foundation.

Salvador Peiró Moreno, Director of the Unit on Health Services Research, Center of Public Health Research, Valencia. President of the Foundation Institute of Health Services Research.

César Ullastres García, Independent Consultant

Social Media

Rafael Bravo Toledo, Specialist in Family and Community Medicine. Member of CSMUH-AEMPS (Spanish Medicines Agency). Responsible for Infodoctor and Bandolera. Author of the blog ‘Primum non nocere’.

Enrique Gavilán Moral, Doctor in Plasencia-Cáceres. Member of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine.

Milagros Pérez Oliva, El Pais and Board Member, Pompeu Fabra University.

Sergio Vañó Galván, Coordinator of the Unit on Hair and its Diseases, Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Professor of the Official School of Pharmaceuticals of Madrid.


Alicia Coduras Martínez, Director of the Chair on Entrepreneurial Managment, Antonio de Nebrija University.

Miguel Ruíz Díaz, Professor of Behavioral Management, Psychology Department, Autonomous University of Madrid.

Talent management

Ernesto López Méndez, Associate Researcher, GCF.

Jesús Ángel Sánchez Pérez, Director, Murcia Foundation for Training and Health Research.


Board of Directors

Jesús Millán Núñez-Cortés, President
Head of Internal Medicine, Gregorio Marañón University Hospital, Madrid. Head of Studies and President of the Commission on Training, Gregorio Marañón University Hospital. Director of the Chair on Medical Education, Lilly Foundation – Complutense University.

Luís Quecedo Gutiérrez, Vicepresident
Anesthesiologist, Anesthesia Service, La Princesa University Hospital, Madrid.

Fernando Jara Sánchez, Secretary
Head of Orthopedic Surgery, 12 de Octubre University Hospital, Madrid. Associate Professor, Complutense University of Madrid.


Advisory Board:

César Navarro de Francisco, Former Director of the National Institute of Medicine and Workplace Safety, Director of International Relations of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, President of the Red Cross of Madrid, President of Ateneo (Scientific, Literary and Artistic Club) of Madrid and Academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Euskadi.

Francisco Molera Aparicio, See Collaborator section.

Vicente Ortún Rubio, See Collaborator section.

Indalecio Corugedo de las Cuevas, Professor, Fundamentals of Economic Analysis, School of Economics and Business, Complutense University of Madrid.

Guillem López Casasnovas, Professor of Applied Economics, Pompeu Fabra University.

José Luis Román Pumar, Specialist in Family and Community Medicine. International positions within Merck & Co. Group since 1986. Consultant.

Jordi Colomer i Mascaró, See Collaborator section.

Ricard Meneu de Guillerna, See Collaborator section.

Salvador Peiró Moreno, See Collaborator section.

Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo, See Collaborator section.

Felipe Martín Crespo, Telecommunications Engineer. Former Head of Envisat GS, European Spacy Agency. Partner and Director of Taitus Software.

Carlos Campillo Artero, See Collaborator section.

José Luis García López, See Collaborator section.

Jaume Puig Junoy, See Collaborator section.

Ernesto López Méndez, See Collaborator section.


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